Interview with Warpaint

How would you describe the music created by Warpaint?
Loose as a goose wandering through the woods, laughing at the trees, moving slowly, being patient and being kind… Emotional as ever, enjoying every moment, realizing that life is cool!
What is the musical process like?
We like to have a good laugh as it revs us up for a great session. It’s also a 100 percent collaborative process. We all have something to say sonically, and it’s very important to all of us, that we are all heard.
As a busy touring band, which artists do you listen to while shuttling around?
Yeasayer, Bob Marley, Beck, Best Coast, Beach House, Out Hud, Blonde Redhead, Brian Eno, Wild Nothing, Erasure, UNKLE, Talking Heads, Spoon, The Smiths, Tortoise, Deerhunter and The Cure are just some of the musicians on constant rotation in my iPod.
How difficult is to come up with unique sound when most things sonically have been played ad nauseam?
We don’t really think about that. All we do is just play what we want to hear and we are happy as long as it sounds good.
If you could revive a particular sound or instrument, what would it be and why?
The scream because it’s so beautifully painful.
Any idea when the third album will be out? How would it sound like?
We are shooting for early summer of 2012. And I’m just as curious as you are about how it will sound. I love surprises.
Two gigs in a year, what keeps you coming back to our tiny island?
It’s simply magical and you get to enjoy us in the warmth of a cozy joint.
Be transported into another realm at Warpaint‘s upcoming gig.