Interview: Weish

How did your journey begin?
In terms of starting to make my own music and becoming active, it was only in mid-2012 when some friends bought me a looper for my birthday. That excited the hell out of me because it offered so many possibilities. But it wasn’t till local band Plainsunset found an old cover I did of their song that I become visible at all; I was invited to play a show alongside local musician Jon Chan and was generously given my own set time, which I used to debut my looper stuff. The response was great, and things have miraculously picked up since.

Where do you draw your musical inspirations from?
Musically, it’s hard to say. I grew up on Bach and The Beatles, spent my teenage years with everything from Eminem to Death Cab, Justin Timberlake to Radiohead, Zero 7 to The Strokes. I also am tremendously inspired by various people that I’ve worked with in the local scene. We’ve got some really amazing musicians, poets, and playwrights.

How do you feel being in an entertainment lineup with the likes of Rihanna?
It feels pretty darn weird. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would happen. I’m way more stoked about The Killers though! But I doubt we’ll be on similar stages nor share holding rooms, or anything like that. So I’ll be spending all my off-stage time slinking around tents to stalk them down.

Weish performs on Sep 21-22 at various locations around Zone 1 and 4 of the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix. For tickets and more info on the entertainment lineup, log on to the Singapore GP website.