Interview: Wilson Xin, Ryd Saleh and Prem John from The Penis Society

What’s the concept of this performance?
Wilson: From what i understood from (the director) Goh Boon Teck, it really is about giving a voice to men involved in all the (high-profile) scandals the past year. Also, scandals really capture the attention of the masses. People love to read and talk about it.
Ryd: It is about time that someone wrote about this hidden agenda. In the great hands of the director, I reckon the idea was to give the common man and woman an undisclosed and open conversation about this particular genitalia and its daily adventures.
Prem: All good comedy tend to be based upon darker allegorical themes and I’ve approached this particular text from that perspective and am basing a lot of what I bring to the table upon the greater and baser truths of being a man in a metropolis.

What if you woke up one day without your jewels?
W: I would mourn first, maybe hold a memorial for them, but after that I would probably get over it. I think life would be a lot easier actually, without sexual urges.
R: I’ll scream, hopefully not in falsetto, and immediately slap myself to check if I’m asleep.
P: After 30 minutes of high-pitched screaming and much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I think I might start getting practical and start making a list.

Some say men have been tamed over the times with the popularity of monogamy. Do you think so?
Are you saying that men are by nature polygamous? My tamed mind cannot fathom anything else other than monogamy.
R: If that’s the case, isn’t that a good thing?
P: Monogamy is a cultural construct that exists in Hollywood, romance novels and in myths.

What if women ruled the world?
Don’t they already?
R: I’ll follow their lead. They have what I want. If you can’t beat them, you might as well please them.
P: I absolutely believe that if women ruled the world, it’d be a better world. There’d be no wars, no famine, Malaria would go the way of the dodo and all men would be wearing fitted shirts, Italian shirts and suits.

Do you think you can handle a pregnancy?
W: Of course. Just get the epidural ready.
R: Definitely. I’ve made plans to wear costumes in the delivery room. One of which is a satay man. Truth.
P: That depends. Do I have a uterus that I haven’t known about since birth?

The Penis Society is on at Aquanova Restaurant Bar from September 10-29. Tickets from SISTIC at $26.