Iron Man CollARTible Exhibition

 Industrialist, playboy and engineering genius Anthony Edward Stark gets kidnapped in an ambush by a bunch of AK47-trigger-happy terrorists; has a piece of shrapnel lodge near his heart; is imprisoned with Noble Prize winning physicist Ho Yinsen, who constructs a metal plate on Stark’s chest to prevent the shrapnel from severing his heart, and later builds a metallic armor costume for Stark, and Iron Man is born. Want to learn more about the evolution and challenges faced by Iron Man thereafter? Find out at the surprising Iron Man CollARTible show at the Singapore Philatelic Museum.

It all started with research on the origins of Iron Man and the success of its movie franchises, that inspired the museum to curate a full-blown exhibition. In-depth interviews were conducted with selected designers and artists to put it all together; and with so many rare works being brought in, particular attention was given making sure nothing broken (quite fitting, really). “The exhibits are one-of-a-kind, painstakingly crafted works of art;” says Mishelle Lim, assistant manager (special projects) at the Singapore Philatelic Museum. “They are delicate and need to be assembled with care,” she adds.

With an astounding collection of figurines, limited edition collectibles and vintage comics, the unique exhibition also features a life-sized figure of War Machine—Iron Man’s partner in crime. The exhibition was made possible with the assistance of Hong Kong based toy brand Hot Toys and Big Box International (the holding company for local toy chain Action City), making this a must-see for any Iron Man and comic fans; which includes Alex Chua, Action City advertising & promotions manager. “What I find inspiring about Iron Man is his desire to make a positive difference. This desire marked a turning point in his life, when he shifted from producing weapons of war, to being a purveyor of peace,” he says.

Apart from the 21 customized figures created by leading designers and the life-sized War Machine, fans will be thrilled to know that the exhibition also features stamps and philatelic materials, limited edition figures donning different “MARKs” of the suit and a rare display of The Invincible Iron Man #01 comic book produced in May 1968.

Iron Man CollARTible Exhibition is on through Nov 21. Singapore Philatelic Museum, 23B Coleman St., 6337-3888. $5.