Kumar as Aishwarya Rai in Survivor Singapore

Watch out for The Necessary Stage’s upcoming Survivor Singapore. In this outrageous drama, a group of students, carried away by the desire to be engaged in a project that involves multiracial dances and ketupat-making, creates a game called Survivor Singapore. We asked one of the students, Aishwarya Rai (played by the irreverent Kumar), to let us in on the assignment.
Tell us about Survivor Singapore.
It’s about young people trying to voice their ideas. The survivor is the one that keeps his or her cool, without exploding, the longest.
And how does one win the game?
Smile even when you feel like slapping the other bloody b***hes.
What happens to the losers?
Carry on living in Singapore.
Well, what’s more lethal? A gun or a bullet?
A bullet lah, who wants a gun that shoots blanks?
Which is worse? An empty pistol or a sex pistol?
An empty sex life is the worst.
War or raw?
I’m Indian. I believe in peace.
OK, dress code for Survivor Singapore?
Camo chic.
And what reigns on the battle field?
A loaded Indian gun. Mine.
Who are your heroes?
Complete the sentence. “Courage is…”
Courage is being true to yourself, always.