A Laughing Matter

Camp Comedy 2006 makes its debut. With a lineup that includes Kumar, Sebastian Tan, Rick Lau and Lounge-Zilla, it seems set to tease out guffaws. To be absolutely sure, we test its funny quotient by bantering with executive producer-cum-host Irene Ang—and find out about her sexy Pink Panther G-string.
What are some sure ways to make you laugh?
Talking to Mark Lee, looking at Kumar, rehearsing with Gurmit Singh and gossiping with Patricia Mok.
What do you do if you come across a really bad joke?
Laugh! Bad jokes are sometimes funny because they are so bad.
You were voted one of Her World’s 50 most powerful women. Tell us about the man behind you.
I have a few, you know. My dad, my brother, my ex-boss, my personal assistant, my hairstylist, my stylist, my confidante … They are all men!
What kind of jokes do you think are distinctly Singaporean?
I think some of the funniest jokes from Singapore are the Ah Beng jokes and the Singlish ones.
How does it feel being compared to Christy Chung, who signed up with Marie France Bodyline?
Christy is the Asian body of Marie France Bodyline. I’m only the Singapore-Malaysian one. So how to compare? But secretly, I tell you, hor, I’m always happy to see my poster next to hers when I go to Marie France for my treatment. Me … right next to Christy Chung leh!
Describe your sexiest lingerie.
My Pink Panther G-string, very cute!
We notice you like to wear miniskirts often nowadays. Why?
I have only just started wearing them. I’ve always liked miniskirts and shorts. Last time I had thunder thighs and I don’t want to scare people. Now they’re not so bad, thanks to Marie France, so I can show them off. Singapore’s weather is so hot, so it’s also more comfortable!
Tell us about your first love.
My first boyfriend’s name is Bobby. He’s a breakdance champion! And he’s very tall and cute.
How about your first lust?
You mean Tom Cruise? I’m so over him!