Must Not Miss: Singapore Arts Festival 2011

In this thoughtfully abstract piece, the Tao Dance Theater from China performs a musical score derived from their daily conversations. Audiences are invited to interpret the symbolism of the number “2” as they wish. Find out more at their post-show dialogues. Jun 3-4, 8pm.
A Game of You
If you like being toyed around, you might appreciate this experimental performance by Belgian theater group Ontroerend Goed. You will be led into rooms that look foreign and familar at the same time, and when you emerge, you might be confused about the part you were playing all along—a willing audience or the lead. Jun 3-5, 2pm, 7pm.
Beautiful Thing 2
One of India’s most influential and controversial contemporary dancers Padmini Chettur lives up to her reputation with her 11th creation, a piece that investigates how the memories of who we were incessantly influence who we become. Witness how Chettur breaks the boundaries of tradition and continuously embraces new ideas with her provocative performance. Jun 4-5, 8pm.
The Conference of the Birds
An allegorical poem adapted for the stage, The Conference of The Birds tells the tale of the birds of the world embarking on a journey to seek their spiritual King, the Simorgh, to address all their doubts, only to discover that the Simorgh resides within themselves. Jun 3-4, 8pm.
Radio Muezzin
Stefan Kaegi and his group Rimini Protokoll continue to have a strong impact on the world’s alternative theater scene with this provocative piece that visualizes and provides a voice to the fight for the protection of the muezzin (the person who recites the prayer call) in the Islamic world. Jun 4-5, 8pm.