New Pop New World exhibition in Singapore

This Pop Art exhibition celebrates a series of mixed media art works from eight leading Indonesian and Singaporean contemporary artists.
The stellar line-up includes Eddie Hara, often touted as the pioneer Pop artist in the Indonesian arts scene and veteran local artist Vincent Leow, who has a penchant for creating kitsch-inspired paintings and objects.
There is also a collection of visually-arresting works by 2nd generation stalwarts like Agan Harahap, :phunk studio, David Chan and Wisnu Auri.
Agan Harahap’s Happy Religion, a series of three tongue-in-cheek digitally manipulated images inspired by paintings from the legendary Caravaggio really captured our eye. Mediating on the commercialization of religion, the tonsured Harahap lends a personal subversive touch to the works by placing himself as the leading protagonist in all the works.
Local artist David Chan’s paintings Hip Hop Snoopys and Mercy By The Litre mirror how pop cultural ephemera influences the creative process of Generation X-ers.
“What this exhibition highlights is how globalization and media exposure have allowed what was previously isolated and distant to become part of the visual vocabulary in our daily life,” says Alia Swastika, the curator of New Pop New World.
Indeed. We highly recommend you head here for a good dose of quality local and regional contemporary art.
Go see the New Pop New World show this weekend.