The Next Generation

Over the years Vietnamese art has developed a loyal following among art lovers. With pieces that commonly feature elegant long-haired girls in ao dais (traditional Vietnamese dress) and conical hats, there is something very unpretentious about this distinctive style that warms the soul. Jazz Chong, director of Ode to Art Gallery, describes Vietnamese art as “very real, very natural. There’s something that just draws people in.” Its simplicity, accompanied with their often very affordable prices, means Vietnamese art remains a hit among local art buyers.
As Vietnamese art continues to draw a large following, we highlight four rising artists whose works have found popularity in Singapore, and who we think you should be keeping an eye on.
Tran Thi Tuyen
Thin willowy girls with flowing hair are the signature of Tuyen’s long vertical pieces that bring an air of stillness and contemplation to the classic nude. A graduate of Hanoi Fine Arts University, Tuyen’s pieces tend to be one color, but the shades she uses vary from baby pinks to dark deep blues, depending on the mood she is trying to evoke.
Coming Exhibitions: Tuyen’s works will be displayed alongside an exhibition of other artists at The Wine Company in March.
Where You Can Buy: The Wine Company.
D. Hoy
Seasonal trees have always been a popular subject for Vietnamese paintings, but emerging artist D. Hoy uses more subtlety and dimension than many other works. His pieces are bold in color, with realistic shadow work and a good use of perspective. D. Hoy is a graduate of the University of Fine Arts in Hanoi and studied under famous artist Hoang Tich Chu.
Where You Can Buy: Red Sea Gallery.
Late bloomer Haly has only become popular over the last four years, despite being part of the older generation of self-taught artists in Northern Vietnam. Haly’s monochromatic street and river scenes evoke a sense of peacefulness and focus on the countryside rather than the busyness of the cities. As a result, Haly’s paintings have a quiet sense of contemplation about them. Haly has found increasing popularity in Australia, the UK and parts of Europe as well as here in Singapore.
Where You Can Buy: Red Sea Gallery.
Phan Thu Trang
An emerging young artist, Trang’s work is characterized by textured brush strokes predominantly in all one color (she favors red, orange, yellow and blue, which reflect the seasons). Her pieces often feature a natural landscape of foliage that dominates the picture with the small addition of human movement. Simple but effective, Trang’s works provide a form of escapism into the slice of life that she portrays.
Coming Exhibitions: Ode to Art will be holding a Vietnamese artists’ exhibition in July that Trang will be attending. The Wine Company will also be holding an exhibition featuring the works of Trang and others around March.
Where You Can Buy: Ode to Art, The Wine Company.

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