Preview: Art Stage Singapore 2013

Gerhard Richters Museum Visit (MV 87)
After his “Abstraktes Bild” pulled in an impressive $2 million at last year’s fair, this 10cm by 15 cm oil on color photograph by Richter might be minute in comparison, but its vivid strokes in abstract formations are still compelling.

Philippe Pasquas Crane
This huge bronze sculpture measuring 323 cm by 220 cm by 200 cm may not be as impactful as Damien Hirst’s infamous “For the Love of God”, but its sheer size does the job to convey death and mortality in the modern age.

Zhang Huans Berlin Buddha
Another monumental piece, this subversive installation involves two Buddha sculptures facing one another. One remains still, while the other crumbles as the floor underneath it trembles. Yet another hypnotic look at the forces of religion and mortality today.

Chen Chieh-Jens Happiness Building I
The 84-minute single-channel video on loop depicts unemployed individuals living in often decrepit spaces—an allegory to modern life. Never mind that it’s time-consuming, this beautifully filmed video art piece is a hypnotic slow-burner.

Art Stage Singapore is on January 24-27 at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre.