Preview: Light vs. Dark Exhibition: Stamps and Collectibles

Stamps and philatelic material from SPM’s Universal Postal Union
Portraying some of the most memorable scenes and characters from past episodes, the unique collection of stamps on display consists 17 of a mixture of stamps from Singapore Post and the museum’s Universal Postal Union collection. Look out for a real classic–an envelope cover of a letter sent to SPM in 2007 using US-made collectors’ item Star Wars stamps.

R2-D2 miniature USA Postboxes
These are miniature items of actual real sized US-made postboxes modelled from the famous R2-D2 character featured in the trilogies.

Diorama of the “Emperor’s Arrival Scene”
This is a collection of the most epic figurines from avid collector Ng Hak Beng. Painstakingly set up by the collectors and Singapore Philatelic Museum, it depicts the famous scene from Return of the Jedi.

900 movie action figures on display
From Yoda to Storm Troopers to C-3PO, these babies are culled from five of Singapore’s most hardcore fans.

Costumes on loan from memorabilia collectors and a live-sized R2-D2 model 
The sacred collection of costumes and R2-D2 model belonging to one of the five lenders bear testament to their passion. Check out the Red Guard and Tie Defender fighter costumes in its full glory.

The exhibition is on through June 30 at the Singapore Philatelic Museum. $6.