Like the classic romantic, he lights up the darkened skies and creates dreams transcending heavens and the horizons. Yann Kersale, who comes from the beautiful land of France, colored his visions and ideas all over the world on buildings and structures. His display of dazzling lights and shimmers is more than what meets the eye, and remains a wondrous sight.
You have been named the artist of illumination. Have you made any reference to any person or event in your achievements to date?
I have made cinematographic references to some movies such as Jean Cocteau’s La Belle et La Bête, Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, and also Dürer and Jackson Pollock in the painting field.
Saisons is a design of illuminating effects on the outside of Liat Towers, while R-Flexion-S is an indoor installation of reflective facets. What is the message you wish to tell viewers through these two creations?
I do not have any message for viewers. I’m more concerned with adopting a sensitive approach to a public space than to convey any particular message. For Saisons, my wish was to link the activity of the location to a luxury shop and its delicate label. Re-Flexion-S plays with the light coming through the windows to conceptualize a city’s chaos.
So if some people do not take to your designs favorably, how does the criticism affect you and your future works?
One cannot please all. When one exposes one’s works, one also exposes oneself to criticism. Negative criticism is never pleasant. It is most important for me to communicate something beautiful and sensitive.
There are different kinds of artists, each with a different focus. Is there any particular reason for choosing to work mostly on or about buildings?
Yes. When I was younger, it was impossible for me to be in galleries or other artistic locations. You have to be a collector, a buyer or someone who visits museums and galleries to see art. I work on buildings to show more people, rather than fewer. I prefer my works to be perceived by everyone, out in the open.
When you talk about art and your own designs, what is its significance to you?
Art is not really work to me. I am lucky to live my passion, and truly, everything I do is linked to it.
By carving a name so significantly recognized all over the world today, with countless exhibitions of your own works and designing prominent architectures, what is the next thing you hope to attain or accomplish?
Light expeditions. By this, I mean fundamental research work on capturing existing lights such as recording the last ray of light reaching ground in a humid tropical rainforest, or travel deep into the sea where marine fauna generates its own light.
Some people see artists as being more prone to multiple or split personalities. Beneath the façade of physical appearances, what are the hidden sides of you that others do not know?
I do not have any hidden sides; I believe that I am quite transparent and perfectly readable.
OK, last question. Which artist do you idolize or look up to?
I despise the cult of personality; it is probably one of the things which stops the world from going round.