Readers’ Choice Award 2011: Arts & Entertainment

Concert of the Year: Singfest
Fifteen great acts for the price of one—including legends like Smashing Pumpkins, Kanye West, Ian Brown and Kool & The Gang. And Katy Perry.
Director of the Year: Royston Tan
The enfant terrible of the local film industry may not have released a feature film since 2008’s 12 Lotus, but his directorial debut on stage with Broadway Beng last year and the upcoming adaptation of 881 is testament to his broad appeal and staying power.
Best Band: Electrico
Singapore’s most popular and rocking pop-rock band, ever.
Best Arts Event: Singapore Arts Festival

From the obscure (Eonnagata) to the popular (Joshua Bell)—the longstanding arts fest is still the grand dame to beat.
Best Museum: National Museum of Singapore

This is the only local museum which offers a consistent program fusing contemporary art shows (Christian Lacroix), classics (Pompeii) and movie screenings—making it a well-rounded and worthwhile visit every time. 93 Stamford Rd., 6332-3659,
Artist of the Year: :Phunk Studio
The foursome have managed to bridge the boundary between high art, street art and graphic design—selling their much coveted screenprints from Singapore to Shanghai to New York, and back. Well done, boys.
Best Blog: Mr Brown
Mr. Brown is not a ranter or raver, he doesn’t churn out posts about the parties he attends and he doesn’t put up photos of himself trying on clothes in a changing room. He offers his take on the important things that happen in Singapore, whether it’s the Budget, the General Elections, $200,000 stingrays, bringing up kids or, most recently, a purported letter warning NTU hall residents against masturbating in showers. That’s why you love him.