Selena Tan as Madame Arcati in Blithe Spirit

Madame Arcati (played by Selena Tan) is a glitzy medium who accidentally summons the ghost of her client’s first wife while performing a séance in the play Blithe Spirit.
Honestly, how much of what you do is real?
Everything dear! I don’t bluff.
What are the dangers of your job?
Heart attacks, because after every trance I have a craving for all kinds of food like tau yu bak (soy pork). The deeper the trance, the fattier the craving.
Ever made friends or fallen in love with a spirit?
They are all my friends of course, we meet and talk so regularly. Love, ahhh, all the time! It’s like co-stars working together—a lot of chemistry lor.
Has your job scared off any potential boyfriends?
I feel if you love me, you must love my spirits. Many men are scared of spirits that are not the drinking kind. So yes, sometimes I have to suffer loneliness for my duties.
What’s the scariest spirit you have ever encountered?
Poltergeists are the worse as they always throw things around. Once, they followed me home and all my Fake Ming vases collection kana shattered.
After being dead for years, how hideous do the ghosts look?
They look just like you or me—like normal Singaporeans. Sometimes normal people look worse!
What do you do if you summon for one spirit, but several turn up?
Then tea party, lor. The more the merrier I always say.
So do you think love is everlasting and persists—even after death?
Of course. So you better be careful who you choose to love…it can really mean forever.
Have you ever asked the spirits for winning lottery numbers?
That’s a trade secret.
Have you ever conjured up dead celebrities like Marilyn Monroe or Bruce Lee?
Once I talked to Teresa Teng. She wanted me to ask you all don’t sing her song in karaokes anymore.