Sing’theatre founder and director, Nathalie Ribette

No Regrets, a Tribute to Edith Piaf, which revolves around the life of famous French singer Edith Piaf, was first staged in 2004 to a sold-out reception. Now Piaf fans can catch the restaging of this musical at the inaugural show of Sing’theatre. It features the original cast—Hossan Leong, Emma Yong, Leigh McDonald, Asha and French soprano Aurore—who will deliver Piaf’s story in both French and English. We stole a few moments with Sing’theatre founder and director Nathalie Ribette.
This is Sing’theatre’s first show. Why did you choose to restage this particular musical?
No Regrets was both an artistic and commercial success in 2004, so it’s great to start a new theatre company with a proven inaugural show. Also, my friends in the Singaporean theatre community asked me to restage it.
Have you gained any new insights into Edith Piaf or the production with this restaging?
Since 2004, I have had the feeling that the Edith Piaf myth has gained even more magnitude, as we realize even more how significant her artistic legacy is.
How do you think the locals will relate to the life of Edith Piaf?
Edith Piaf began as a child singing on the streets of Paris and eventually became the highest paid singer in the world. She proves that everything is possible if you want it and are ready to work really hard for it. I think that Singaporeans can relate to this message, given the country’s success story.
How did you go about picking the cast?
I wanted the best of the best! So I sought personalities and singing styles that would bring out the universality of Piaf’s songs.
Are you a complete Piaf freak and how many of her records do you own?
Yes, I am a big fan—I own at least 30 CDs and many little black dresses! I also have recordings of Piaf and of other artists singing her songs in successful or disastrous adaptations!