Singapore Idol’s Babes Conde

Babes Conde, with Mario Lajarca Jnr., Erick Guansing, Robert Sunga and Mary Grace Arceno are out to deliver a smashing concert A Blast from the Past come Sep 29-30. Expect to hear familiar melodies such as “Just a Love Song” and “I Just Wanna Stop.” We caught up with Conde in between her rehearsals for a little banter.
You’re the voice coach for Singapore Idol hopefuls. What do you do when you think someone really can’t sing?
I will prescribe a reality pill, to be consumed three times a day.
Can you give us voice training tips?
Start in the bathroom. The four walls will give you instant playback of the quality of your voice. The more you sing, the better you sound.
Describe your voice.
It sounds naturally small, sometimes shrill and squeaky. It’s very girlish.
What is one thing you must absolutely do before you perform?
I pray and commit the project to the Lord. That’s how you make sure all things are covered. Then I’ll feel safe.
Do your friends always try to get you to sing for them? Do you find that irritating?
Oh yes, but usually everybody gets to sing. I’ve gotten used to the routine because since I was five years old, family and friends would always urge me to play the piano at parties or gatherings. From then on it’s kinda expected of me to do that—I’d be surprised if they didn’t ask me!!!
Do you lust for fame?
Fame is fleeting. I never hungered for that. If I had, I’d probably be living in New York. I was always an underachiever in school much to the frustration of my dean and teachers. Even now I languish in my mediocrity. Hey, I just want to chill, smell the coffee, travel and see places.
What turns you on?
Great music, great food and, OK, great eyes that smile!