First Look at Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention 2010

Launched in 2008, the Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention 2010 is a full blown extravaganza featuring some of the biggest names in the industry. Expecting over 45,000 attendees this year, the convention will host a diverse array of activities including artist showcases and demonstrations, autograph sessions, conferences, competitions and even tournaments. We pick out some of highlights of the show during this three-day event.
Special Guests
Twenty-two international and regional illustrators, designers, painters and writers will be converging for a variety of conferences focusing on different aspects of the industries, plus the token autograph sessions and artists showcases throughout the event. Guests of Honor, Marvel Comics’ writer Matt Fraction and cartographer Salvador Larroca, will share their expertise on the industry, alongside the guys who made Marvel what it is today, namely Leinil Yu, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Esad Ribic, Harvey Tolibao and Alex Maleev; plus The Simpsons’ cartoonist Phil Ortiz—this is definitely a star-studded affair.
Talent Scouting
It is a rarity for a high profile member of the comic industry to head to Asia with the goal of finding new talents and even rarer for them to step into Singapore with the same intent. But come convention day, Marvel Senior Vice President, Creator & Content Development and international talent scout C.B. Cebulski will be doing just that. And with the Artiste Alley component showcasing some of the most talented emerging and established artists in Asia today, some of them might actually get their biggest break here.
Artiste Alley
Hosting 30 talented artistes from Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia, the Artiste Alley will showcase portfolios and live demonstrations from the likes of Singapore’s top graffiti artist Artkore, famed Filipino illustrators Asuka and Bjornik and toy maker Thunderpanda.
Multiple conferences on varying topics will be paneled by special guests. Highlights include “Writing outside of comics: How do you hone your creative writing skills?” paneled by Gail Simone, Ivan Brandon and C.B Cebulski, and “Traditional form of comic illustration: What are the basics of comic illustration?” by Phil Yeh and Phil Ortiz.
Special Screenings
A number of special screenings will be happening throughout the convention for fans. Cartoon Network’s animated television series Generator Rex, based on Image Comics’ M. Rex, will showcase its Asian premiere. Fans of animated Japanese cartoon Nurarihyon no Mago will be ecstatic to know that its 2011 first volume episode will also be premiering during the convention.
Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Convention 2010 is on Dec 10-12 at Suntec Singapore, Hall 401 and 402, 1 Raffles Blvd., 6337-2888. $10-12 from Gatecrash, three-day pass.