The Evolution of St Etienne

It has been almost six years since your last studio album Tales from Turnpike House.
We are working on another album and have recorded a couple of songs. It took us so long because we had no time. Pete and I had children and Bob’s writing a book.
Any plans for a new release?
We just felt that now was the right time. It was a very natural and organic process. We got the itch, started sharing ideas and are fully inspired.
How do you think music has evolved over the years?
One of the things I go on about is that in the 90s, you will have a secret band you liked. Now, everything is out there thanks to technology. I guess it’s a natural progress with more online music stations, blogs and people have become more in-tuned to leftfield music. I am not a big fan of technology.
Do you think your vocals have changed over the years?
Yes, it has gradually changed. Bob and Pete think that my vocals has gotten deeper and stronger -its melancholic. Other than that we are still keen on melody and write our songs mostly in the third person.
What can we expect from your gig at the Mosaic Music Festival?
It’s going to be up-tempo and danceable. We’ll be playing a lot of our singles that spanned the last 20 years.
Catch St Etinenne on Mar 19, 7.30pm and 10pm. Esplanade Theater Studio, 1 Esplanade Dr., 6828-8377. $40-48