First-Time Writers & Illustrators Publishing Initiative: Jane Porter

Who are your favorite artists?
Tony Oursler, Chris Ware and David B. after reading his graphic novel Epileptic. It’s beautifully illustrated.
Have you always wanted to be an illustrator?
Well, my mom did enforce the idea of me becoming an insurance agent until the age of 10. On normal days, I had conversations with the characters I drew.
What about your teachers? Did they always catch you doodling away during class?
Yes. One threatened to douse my arms with turpentine for doodling on them.
Anything which you would absolutely not draw?
It would be more accurate to say that I would absolutely not draw for certain people. Those who go “Ohhhh… You’re an artist? Can you draw a mechanical monkey? Can you draw my portrait? Oh Oh… Can you draw on my arm?” NO.
Describe your relationship with your pens, pencils and markers.
I take them for granted. One day, they’ll take revenge…I’m sure of it.
You wake up one day and discover that you are a two-dimensional figure. What is the first thing that comes to mind?
I’m foldable. I’ll be able to slip between cracks easily.
What’s your ultimate dream?
To complete an epic graphic novel or artwork that takes years and years, eventually gets banned for a few more years, make another epic piece of work that is banned only in some countries and a few days after the ban is lifted, I mysteriously disappear. I’ll only make ghostly reappearances now and then.