Tan Kheng Hua in Blithe Spirit

This offering by W!ld Rice is the second time Noel Coward’s comic masterpiece has appeared on our stage. Adapted to local tastes, the play is about how the spirit of an ex-wife is accidentally summoned and proceeds to vent her jealous fury on her ex-husband and his new wife. We ask Tan Kheng Hua, who stars as Elvira the dead wife, to explain her mischievous, out-of-the-world shenanigans.
So tell us, has death changed your view of the world?
Oh yes—I’m thoroughly enjoying being even more selfish and manipulative than I was when I was living simply because i now know for certain—live your life like there’s no tomorrow!
Who is the most interesting dead person you have met?
Joan of Arc was rather fun—much more fun than the books or movies ever put her out to be. But her hairstyle really needs a makeover.
Does it hurt when someone puts their hands through you?
Oh no—in fact, it’s rather ticklish!
There must be some dead eligible hunks on the other side for someone so good looking as yourself? We are thinking James Dean, River Phoenix…
You underestimate my love for my dear hubby Charles, darling. I may be dead, but I have real feelings! And I’m only a slut when I need to make him jealous.
For the broken-hearted out there, what are your tips on how to make your ex truly suffer?
Make him realize how much he loved you—now that he’s lost you!
Finally tell us a secret about the other side—can you walk around naked over there?
I have to!!! I only have the one outfit I died in! How absolutely boring!!!! When I’m back for my revisit, remind me to make a quick stop to VivoCity.