TraseOne’s solo exhibition, FreeThem

Showcasing 13 highly stylized works which incorporate enamel based self–portraits of the artist himself and spindly red wool on canvas. The very personal pieces adroitly explore the sociopolitical concerns of the artist regarding censorship and freedom in present day Singapore.
Having spent six months to conceptualize and execute, the buzzing atmosphere of the recent, watershed General Elections is also prevalent in his works.
TraseOne adds, “One of my all time local heroes is the soft spoken opposition politician Chiam See Tong. To a certain extent, the struggles that he went through in his career mirror some of the challenges I face in my artistic pursuit.”
Among the works that stand out are “Step Out” and “Break Out” which effectively convey the spirit of the artist taking risks and pushing boundaries, sometimes in subtle, clever ways or violent means, while following his passion.
Besides expressing TraseOne’s most personal thoughts, the works in a broader context can be seen as echoing the silent oppression of stifled Singaporeans.
FreeThem runs though Jun 26 at Utterly Art, 229 A South Bridge Rd., 6226-2605. Free.