Upclose with Saskia Joose

, Upclose with Saskia JooseYayoi Kusuma experienced a bleak personal life, but her works are so vibrant. Why do you think that’s the case?
Kusama herself has said that had it not been for art she would have killed herself a long time ago and I believe this to be true. Her artwork is a therapy for her illness and she paints her hallucinations which relax her. I actually think that one of the great things about Kusama’s artwork is that each individual who views it will take something different away from it. It’s not only her canvas work that is like this as her printwork shows a similar creative vitality.
Is all of her work abstract?
As one of the greats, she is able to transverse genres like surrealism, pop art and minimalism to freely create her masterpieces. She holds no interest in these labels and is absorbed in living her life by creating. There are actually many pieces that fall into the non-abstract category, but one in particular that may surprise people is Yangzte River which could be described as Kusama’s version of a landscape.
Learn more at The Dots Within: Yayoi Kusuma through Oct 2 at ION Art Gallery.