Van Gogh vs. Dali

Van Gogh Alive
The Buzz: The Dutch expressionist’s most prolific works from 1880-1890, are presented through a combination of animation and stellar audio-visual technology. With a battalion of over 40 high-definition projectors blasting larger than life images onto the roofs, walls, columns and floors of the gallery, together with an accompanying leitmotif of evocative classical music and sound effects, the sensory feast would even engage a novice museum virgin.
Our verdict: Definitely a notch up from tacky replicas and insipid supporting text copped from an art sourcebook, but we overheard some folks claiming a couple of choice images from Google Art and some maudlin music on the iPod would achieve the same emotional mood and can’t help but agree with them.
Dali: Mind of a Genius
The Buzz: This exhibition features over 250 original artworks from the legendary Catalan surrealist, making it the first time ever that such a large number of his masterpieces are shown within a single venue on our shores. Divided into three themed areas- “Femininity and Sensuality”, “Religion and Mythology” and “Dreams and Fantasy,” the artworks explore the quirkily ‘stached genius, broad artistic oeuvre ranging from paintings to sculptures. Expect to see classic artworks like “Spellbound,” a large oil painting, which has only been displayed to the public for the third time since its existence.
Our Verdict: The sheer prolific output on display here is worth more than a visit; from furniture decked onto an elevated platform to the intricate bronze statues like Woman Aflame. This exhibition could kickstart a Freudian revival.