Voyage Night Festival 2011: Theater Tol

What is Cozaron de Angeles in Paradise all about?
It’s simply a joyful tale about the marriage of a couple from two different cultures and angels from heaven blessing them.
How did you end up performing in Singapore?
Not too long ago, I was holidaying in Singapore and was awed by the beauty of the National Museum and the different cultures here. Even in Europe, there aren’t as many interesting cities as Singapore. I decided that it would be a great experience for Theater Tol to present our work here. So I did some background research about the Voyage Night Festival here, aliased with the organizers, presented it to them—it was stressful like an exam—but luckily they loved it.
How important is the façade of the National Museum to your performance?
It’s not only about the excellent architecture of the museum, as much as it influences the work. But the challenge was also to capture the soul and historical richness of the location. Also a past that was filled with sailors and prostitutes makes it more memorable to perform here.
Why weddings in an age when they have gone out of vogue?
It’s not a really good time economically and life is a big struggle but we want to give people the opportunity to forget the hard times, share our happiness and dream with us in this light, hopeful tale.
Go see the spectacular show at the Voyage Night Festival 2011.