Vue Privée: Quality Art Accessible To The Masses

The arts scene in Singapore has, of late, been making a conscious effort to shatter the misguided notion that art can only be appreciated by the rich and privileged. At the Affordable Art Fair last month, curious amateurs were welcomed with open arms, with all artworks priced below $1,000. New art space Vue Privée aims to develop this burgeoning enthusiasm even further by offering a unique pricing system that will allow all levels of art lovers the opportunity to take home their choice masterpiece.
Founder of Vue Privée and respected photographer Olivier Henry loves two things: Photography and art, but it took him longer than he would have liked to fully embrace his passions despite having studied in the arts and fashion capital, Paris; “I wish I had been a collector at a much younger age but when you’re in your 20s and a student in Paris, all you can afford are the posters and postcards you put on your walls,” he recalls.
That was about the time he realized he needed to come up with a way to make art affordable. “In a very elitist art world, the works usually go for thousands of dollars. What I decided to do was create an art business that would approach artists to create unique and exclusive works for my consumers. That’s what Vue Privée does. We sell these artworks in editions of 100 each at accessible prices,” he explains.
Henry’s dedication towards making quality art accessible to the masses doesn’t stop there. “Democratizing art means making it accessible not only price wise, but also in terms of location. Which explains why Vue Privée is located in the heart of town. Someone can just come in and buy an original piece for as low as $80 or leave with a more unique piece at $8,000. But at least 80 percent of the works we have are below $500,” he says.
One of the more interesting works being exhibited in this promising new space is “Visible Ephemereal. Invisible Eternal” by Yann Chatelin and Alexandre Dupeyron, which is a translation of light graffiti on landscapes. “This duo is a typical example of what we are about. I met these two artists and immediately fell in love with their body of work,” says Henry.
Get your fix of affordable artworks at Vue Privée, 20 Cairnhill Rd., 6738-7225, Until Dec 31, Vue Privée are offering 10% off all prints and merchandise and free delivery in Singapore.