Women’s Fashion Week 2011’s Festival Director, Kien Lee

My childhood was a blur. It was a lot of books and rote, so the “enlightenment” to a non-traditional, non-established career track in entrepreneurship and fashion came much later in life.
I like to float in the pool and have that sense of weightlessness so that I can think and not get distracted, but honestly, it’s because it’s hard for me to get access to the Internet.
Somebody invent a waterproof e-tablet, please.
I find random inspiration from movies, and the messages I get can range from the overt to the subtle.
I find a lot of fun in making these obscure connections to the things I do. It can be wondering how it is possible to get someone to adopt your idea without telling him to, à la Inception, to a line like “We will give them something they have never seen before,” à la Maximus in Gladiator.
I was dressed in indie-chic ankle-length pants the other day, and some ill-informed club bouncer summarily dismissed me as wearing “berms.” I was distraught, really. Couldn’t sleep for days and had a mini fashion-conscience crisis.
Generally, the more I improve myself as a person contributing to the society or the scene, the happier I am.
My ultimate guilty pleasure is dancing like no one’s looking. Except that state of mind only comes when inebriated, and when that happens, everyone’s really looking.
Last night I crept downstairs and finished a tub full of overnight fried noodles.
Xenophobia, racism and downright ignorance make me sick.
Folks here have to see this world as a global village, and embrace Singapore’s increasing role as the world’s capital. Few civilizations that insist on being insular ever end up lasting for too long.
If I could, I would be Steve Jobs for a day and liberalize the closed iTunes system that has been built so that it went back to the ideals he preached when he was a much younger man.
What he achieved is legendary and has changed human lives forever—many will mourn the loss—but I truly believe that if he had had the opportunity to muster the strength, he would have opened those gates before he passed.
My personal mantra is “In Hoc Signo Vinces”—“In this sign you will conquer,” a Latin phrase immortalized with Roman emperor Constantine I.
My derivation and inspiration from it is: To look out for signs to encourage yourself to go forward down the path you’ve chosen. Don’t ever get distracted by the naysayers, they’re always the loudest.