I Hate Myself for Loving You at The Vault: For sophisticated single ladies

The Vault’s I Hate Myself for Loving You Anti-Valentine’s ladies night went down yesterday (on the eve of Valentine’s Day). There were blow up dolls—miniature ones unfortunately—the bar’s creative manager Sharmaine Khoo says, “full-sized versions are illegal in Singapore”. Plus, giant heart-shaped piñatas and free booze in the form of free flow lychee martinis (pretty strong too, not in the least watered down) to keep spirits high.

As far as ex-bashing parties go though, this one was pretty mellow. Men were allowed and most ladies seemed more concerned with making new connections than bad-mouthing old flames. The too-cool-for-school crowd the sophisticated joint attracts is just not into hysterics we guess.

Still, we got free drinks and a chill evening—what’s not to like? The unlimited lychee martini deal is not a one-off too. It runs every Wednesday.