11 big dance music names you need to catch


Playing on: Dec 6, Canvas

Claim to fame: He’s one of the founding fathers of dubstep (no, it isn’t Skrillex), and his label, Hyperdub, is well-established as a major player in the scene, having worked with artists like Burial.

What to expect: jungle, garage, drum & bass with hints of jazz and funk


Pete Tong

Playing on: Dec 10, Attica

Claim to fame: Does he really need any introduction? The BBC Radio 1 legend is to house music what John Peel was to indie.

What to expect: eclectic doesn’t even begin to cover it


Paul Oakenfold

Playing on: Dec 11, Attica

Claim to fame: We can’t think of a more prolific name in dance music. Though perhaps most famous as a trance maestro, his professional output is truly staggering (the Happy Mondays, Madonna and Transformers all in one career!).

What to expect: trance anthems


Jazzy Jeff

Playing on: Dec 20, Ku De Ta

Claim to fame: The hip hop and R&B legend is a prominent producer in his own right, but most would remember him as Will Smith’s best friend on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (he was also part of a hip hop duo with Smith).

What to expect: classic hip hop



Playing on: Dec 20, Kyo

Claim to fame: Local boy Xhin has been playing here since the ‘90s, but his spiritual home is really Berlin (where else), where he’s been producing disturbingly dark soundscapes for a few years under the experimental record label Stroboscopic Artefacts.

What to expect: post-apocalyptic techno



Playing on: Dec 20, Velvet Underground

Claim to fame: The Gilles Peterson-approved Brit producer has five albums under his belt, but his magnum opus has to be the widely-lauded Black Sands, which incorporates sounds as diverse as gamelan and Afrobeat.

What to expect: downtempo, complex basslines


Carl Craig

Playing on: Dec 26, Velvet Underground

Claim to fame: This household name (if your household is well-versed in Detroit techno) is famous for adding warmth and soul to a genre that can otherwise be alienating and intimidating.

What to expect: jazz- and soul-infused techno


Delano Smith

Playing on: Dec 27, Kyo

Claim to fame: A pioneer of Detroit techno and Chicago house, Smith was a protégé of the motown- and house-loving nightlife personality Ken Collier, who was one of the key catalysts for the historic Detroit techno movement.

What to expect: pared-down, vintage house


DJ Vadim

Playing on: Jan 3, Gem Bar

Claim to fame: The cult Russian DJ has been a huge, if pretty underground, influence in hip hop, electronica and alternative music since the ‘90s, having worked with legendary names like Kraftwerk and Public Enemy.

What to expect: dub, reggae, soulful hip hop



Playing on: Jan 15, Victoria Theatre

Claim to fame: The American electronica producer’s music is dreamy, nostalgic and more than a little reminiscent of old school Balaeric house. What’s unique is that Tycho plays these tracks on live synths and guitars.

What to expect: analog-leaning, ambient dance


FKA Twigs

Playing on: Jan 24, Laneway

Claim to fame: The antithesis of Queen Bey’s booty-slapping, hollering anthems, FKA Twigs is the face of a new, quieter strain of R&B. Like her labelmates The XX, Twigs is a pro at the slow burn.

What to expect: imagine if The XX did R&B