15 of the best filmmakers in Singapore are coming together to create a series of short films

Tired of all the hate and discontent on social media? In an attempt to combat the proliferation of all that negativity is ground-up film movement 15 Short Films – From the Ground Up, started by veteran film producer Daniel Yun together with non-profit organization NVPC (National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre).

To do that, Yun has brought together 15 of the best names in Singapore’s film industry, including prominent figures like Eric Khoo (of Mee Pok Man); Kelvin Tong of The Maid (still one of the highest grossing films in Singapore 12 years since its release); K. Rajagopal, known for his acclaimed feature film, A Yellow Bird; the much-celebrated Boo Junfeng for his prison drama Apprentice; and award-winning Kirsten Tan of Pop Aye fame. Together, they will embark on a project to highlight the giving and inclusive side of Singaporeans, specifically in the early 70s to late 90s. 

The 15 directors will find inspiration from true, untold stories of real Singaporeans, with each of them creating a short film five to 10 minutes in length. Film company Blue3Asia, founded by Yun, will jointly produce the films with AMOK, a local creative label. The films are non-commercial, said Yun, and will begin their release starting from June till end-2018. The first film to be released will be directed by Sean Ng, co-founder of AMOK, who is currently working on a seperate film project called Zi Char.

In terms of screenings, the organisers are looking at cinemas, MediaCorp, Starhub channels and Singapore Airline’s KrisWorld as channels. They hope Singaporeans like you and I will help fund the movement too. This is done in hopes to cultivate the community spirit here. Those wanting to chip in, head over to Stories of Us Fund or find out more here

Check out the full list of directors below. 

  • Eric Khoo 
  • Kelvin Tong 
  • K. Rajagopal 
  • Boo Junfeng 
  • Kirsten Tan 
  • Chai Yee Wei
  • Randy Ang
  • Raihan Halim 
  • Sean Ng 
  • Nicole Midori Woodford
  • Gladys Ng
  • Kee Swee San 
  • Chong Yu Lun 
  • Jianhao Tan 
  • Jason Lee