3 huge-deal comedians visiting Singapore soon

There’s lots to look out for in 2016,with a few comedians making their way here to our shores. Ranging from self-deprecating humor, to making fun of stereotypes and tackling social justice issues, these guys know what’s up. Check them out if you haven’t already.

Kevin Hart (Feb 2)

, 3 huge-deal comedians visiting Singapore soon

Best known for starring in movies, TV shows and hosting two episodes of Saturday Night Live, American comedian Kevin Hart is here during his Asia tour. The stand-up comedian talks a lot about his personal life, his children, his insecurities, especially his height. Expect impersonations of the people he meets, and his impression of a “rich white guy laugh.” Tickets start at $98 on Sistic.  Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Centre, 8pm

Russell Peters (Feb 15)

, 3 huge-deal comedians visiting Singapore soon

For the third time, Canadian-based comedian Russell Peters will be in town and you can catch him during his Almost Famous World Tour. Known for his cheeky and irreverent humor, Peters is back with some old favorites as well some new material. He’s known for making fun of stereotypes, dating, as well as his father and uncle. And if you get front row seats, he may just include you in one of his improv routines. You can purchase tickets for this event from Sistic. Prices start at $108. Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre (Hall 601-604), 8pm

Margaret Cho (Mar 5)

, 3 huge-deal comedians visiting Singapore soon

Korean-American funnywoman Margaret Cho is coming to Singapore. Part of The Psycho Tour, Cho will be talking about everything she is mad about at the moment, ranging from police brutality, racism and violence against women. Cho is known for her brutally honest comedy, and tackles difficult subjects like LGBTQ issues, body image and sexuality with both rage and disarming humor. Of course, a Margaret Cho show wouldn’t be complete without quips about growing up Asian-American and fall-to-the-floor-laughing impressions of her parents.You can get tickets for this show on Sistic. Prices start at $88.  Kallang Theatre, 8pm