3 exercise events to say goodbye to the Green Corridor

Before we bid the Rail Corridor (or green corridor) a temporary goodbyethere are some pretty cool outdoor runs (and a hike) to go on before it gets a revamp. Have a look:

Let’s Hike! 8 @ Reminiscing the KTM Railway (Green Corridor) (Jan 9)

, 3 exercise events to say goodbye to the Green Corridor

The approximately 22.1 kilometer walk starts at 8:30am at Kranji MRT Station, and ends at Kampong Bahru near SGH. One thing to note: this five-hour long event is not for beginners, so make sure you train up a bit before embarking. Good hiking shoes are a must, too. The run is free and you can register for it here

Compressport Rail Corridor Run (Jan 31)

, 3 exercise events to say goodbye to the Green CorridorPhoto credit: Schrista

The 10km run starts from the Bukit Timah Railway Station to the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, and the terrain isn’t going to be easy as you will run on crushed stones where the railway used to travel on (remember to get great trail running shoes or suffer from blisters). But the view makes up for everything. If you can’t handle the 10km one, there is also a 5km one that ends at the open-air carpark at Queensway Road, which is near Queensway Shopping Centre. There will also be water points at intervals in case you get parched. It’s $39-59 for the 5km and 10km runs respectively. This early bird offer ends on Dec 31.

Green Corridor Run (Mar 6)

, 3 exercise events to say goodbye to the Green Corridor

The Green Corridor Run is the last run to ever take place there, so if you can’t make the first two, then this one’s really your last chance. This 10.5km route stretches from Keppel Road to Bukit Timah/Rifle Range Road. You can register as an individual or a team ($58 and $52.20 per person respectively). There’s a special category this year called the Keppel Land Water Challenge, which coincides with World Water Day. Participants carry three to five liters of water across the same distance to a ceremonial well. $1 will be donated for each liter poured in, to raise awareness for people with difficulty accessing portable water.