5 comedy shows in Singapore you cannot miss out on

They say, “Laughter is the best medicine.” WIth all the funny men flocking to town, take a break from work and inject your life with some great comedic acts. Have your dose of laughter at some of the gigs happening in Singapore in the coming months. Mark your calendars!

History of India by Vir Das

, 5 comedy shows in Singapore you cannot miss out on

Harvard theater graduate Vir Das has been actively promoting standup comedy in India. Expect a deep (and of course, funny) insight to the topics he will be bringing up during his show—from the cradle of civilization in Harappa and the East India Company to the freedom struggle in the 90s.

When: Jan 14, 8pm

Where: Esplanade Theatre

Goodbye Obama, Hello Trump

, 5 comedy shows in Singapore you cannot miss out on

Yes, Donald Trump is the President-elect of United States, and by now, you would have wept and cursed, so maybe the last option is to laugh about it. Known as “Comedian-in-Chief” ever since he impersonated Barack Obama, Reggie Brown will be in Singapore with Anthony Atamanuik, who has been playing Donald Trump on the show Trump Dump. His imitation has since been dubbed as “perfect and riotously funny.” Goodbye Obama, Hello Trump will be a two-segment comedy show, with the first segment showcasing President Obama’s time in the office, and the second on the transitioning of the new Commander-in-Chief. Psst, you might also get to take selfies with the performers.

When: Feb 4, 8pm

Where: Kallang Theatre

Mad About Comedy

, 5 comedy shows in Singapore you cannot miss out on

A series of award-winning comedians are lined up for Mad About Comedy, from Jan to June, hosted by comedian Scott Mitchell. With the January’s show already almost sold out, you can look forward to the other comedians to follow, like Brendon Burns, Australian comedian well-known for his controversial content; Justin Rivera, who’s been coined as the “Comedian’s Magician” because of his style of blending magic and comedy perfectly; and Bruce Fummey, who was named Scottish Comedian of the Year in 2014.

When: Various shows from Feb-June

Where: Hero’s (69 Circular Rd.)

Laugh Die You The Mob SG

Singapore and Malaysia may have a better relationship than most people think. Laugh Die You, which is a direct translation from the Cantonese phrase, will see Malaysian comedian Kuah Jen Han and Singaporean comedians Jonathan Atherton and Mark Lee “battling it out” onstage, dishing out witty bilateral jokes about the countries’ rivalry.

When: Feb 17, 8pm

Where: Resorts World at Sentosa

Eddie Izzard

, 5 comedy shows in Singapore you cannot miss out on
Photo credit: Idil Sukan

One of the world’s most prominent and respected comedians, Eddie Izzard, will be bringing his record-breaking live comedic antics to Singapore for the first time next month in his new 90-minute show, Force Majeure. Besides making the world a better place with his brand of comedy, this celebrated comedian has also starred in films like Cars 2 and Ocean’s Twelve. He’s only here for one night, so get your tickets before they’re sold out (and appear on Carousell for at an inflated price).

When: Feb 27, 8pm

Where: University Cultural Centre Hall, NUS