5 Singaporean theater productions to catch before June

As we welcome the new year, this also means we can finally get to catch the plays the theater companies have been brewing since last year. The theater scene is in full force, with the grand Huayi Chinese Festival of Arts that just finished a week ago, we are back with our list of theater productions to catch from five established Singaporean theater companies, touching a range of topics from loss of heritage to murder investigation.  

Prism (Feb 23 – Mar 5)

As Singapore progresses as a nation on the whole, we continue to lose iconic and historical landmarks. A 14 year-old script first conceptualized in 2003 is now being restaged by Toy Factory Productions, exploring the struggles of an urban development officer Aman, who has to break the news to the residents of the oldest city heritage, all the while questioning the purpose of new cityscapes.

Why you should go see it: It’s a solid team including Fir Rahman from The Apprentice; tons of other veteran theater practitioners like Rei Poh, Alvin Chiam and first-time collaboration with rising-star choreographer Goh Shou Yi

The Pillowman (Feb 24 – Mar 12)

Adrian and Tracie Pang’s stalwart theater company Pangdemonium is restaging The Pillowman since the last successful run in 2007, directed by Tracie Pang once again. The story follows a writer who is arrested by two detectives and questioned for the stories he has written which bear a strong resemblance to the murder cases happening around town.

Why you should go see it: The cast includes the three original members, Adrian Pang, Daniel Jenkins and Shane Mardjuki. The play also won two Tony Awards and a Olivier Award.

Constellations (Mar 8-25)

Making its premiere in Singapore thanks to the Singapore Repertory Theatre, this production, sold out on Broadway and in the West End, focuses on Marianne and Roland, a brilliant physicist and a beekeeper as they try to fall in love (and out) with each other despite the difference in social statuses.

Why you should go see it: Besides the excellent reviews, the play has some cool techniques, such as repeated lines throughout the show. Also, this is the first time you can ever catch it in town. 

La Cage Aux Folles (Apr 19 – May 2)

Wild Rice has pulled all the stops in this star-studded, iconic musical, adapted to a Singapore setting and starring Ivan Heng in fabulous drag with a bunch of other big names like multi-talented comedian Hossan Leong and Malaysian actor Sean Ghazi. The play is set in La Cage, a famous nightclub in Tanjong Pagar, which C.K. Tan, a very conservative politician, wants to shut down. Then, the son of the nightclub host decides to marry the daughter of the politician, and confusion and hilarity ensues.

Why you should go see it: The original production won 11 Tony Awards and it’s a Broadway classic. Also, lots of big names are in it. And, it’s rare to see an LGBT story on the big stage in Singapore.

Being Haresh Sharma (Jun 29 – Jul 2)

Two established theater companies The Necessary Stage and Cake Theatrical Productions, both with very varied styles, are collaborating for a play adapted from the texts in more than five plays written by Haresh Sharma. If you are a big fan of Singapore’s prolific playwright’s works, this production will be a feast to your eyes, heart and soul.

Why you should go see it: You can watch lots of characters in one show, with Cake’s alternative interpretation.