Make the most of your weekend and get some exhibitions in.

The Sew-Out Show

Singapore-born, America-based photographer Kevin Ou collaborated with local design firm The General Company to show 14 photographs of colored lights printed onto fabric. Pick your favorite pieces and transform them into accessories like tote bags and bowties. Closing Jun 8

Hugging The Shore

Singaporean artist Simryn Gill presents her first major solo exhibition in Southeast Asia after living all around the world. Featuring three photographic series: Standing Still, Dalam and May 2006, as well as new work, Like Leaves. Closing Jun 14

A Universal Truth

American-born, Spain-based painter Monica Dixon makes her Singapore debut and presents deceptively simple landscapes that explore the difference between who we are and what we are. Closing Jun 10

Looping Loopholes

A group exhibition by three Indonesian artists with all-video and sound work aims to give viewers the experience of being in a never-ending “looping loophole”. Closing Jun 15

The Colors of Singapore: A 3-Dimensional Artwork Exhibition

New York-based artist Charles Fazzino depicts famous Singapore landmarks like Marina Bay Sands and the Merlion through a series of vibrant and detailed 3D pop art silkscreen graphics. Closing Jun 14

Timely Manoeuvres

13 well-known international artists like Dutch artist Carla Klein, New York-based Japanese artiste Mariko Mori and Chinese contemporary artist Ai Wei Wei show their latest sculptures, installations and paintings. Closing Jun 20