7 reasons VenusFort should be on your Tokyo itinerary

[Sponsored] Tokyo is always a favorite destination among Singaporean travelers, but with all the must-visit attractions located in the metropolis, planning an itinerary for your visit can be a daunting task. We know at least one place that should be on every itinerary however—VenusFort, a shopping mall located by the waters of Tokyo Bay in Odaiba. Here’s why.

The unique townscapes

, 7 reasons VenusFort should be on your Tokyo itinerary

A theme park-style mall, the interior of VenusFort replicates the architecture and atmosphere of towns in southern France and northern Italy as they were in the 17th and 18th centuries. It’s a journey back in time that few places can offer with photo opportunities at every turn.

The ongoing Frozen VenusFort event

, 7 reasons VenusFort should be on your Tokyo itinerary

Winter in Japan is simply magical, and you can experience its thrills without the chills at Frozen VenusFort. On now until the middle of March, Frozen VenusFort is a fairy tale come to life with projection mapping and art installations. The production is the work of Ryotaro Muramatsu from the Naked Inc creative team.

The fashion and accessories

VenusFort is home to around 170 shops covering everything from high fashion to jewelry, an outlet mall and an ever-popular 100-yen shop. You’ll be able to check out a wide variety of well-known international brands and discover a number of local labels as well. Best of all, many shops at VenusFort offer their products tax free.

The many Instagram-worthy spots

, 7 reasons VenusFort should be on your Tokyo itinerary

With shots of the European townscapes, your Instagram feed will already be looking pretty good, but there are many more photo spots to add to your list. There’s the Mouth of Truth—a replica of the famed attraction in Rome—and Sky View, a visual production on the ceiling of the mall that displays the changing sky through the day, from the morning to sunset. As part of Frozen VenusFort, you can also stop by the impressive Big Book installation and snap a selfie in a frozen world straight from the pages of a fairy tale. Next, wow your followers with the projection mapping at the Fountain Plaza. Be sure to check out the photo booth near the Fountain Plaza too. To top everything off, there’s free WiFi inside the mall, so you can upload your photos immediately.
, 7 reasons VenusFort should be on your Tokyo itinerary
If that’s not enough, VenusFort is also situated within Palette Town—don’t miss the opportunity to take photos at the iconic Palette Town Giant Ferris Wheel and Mega Web, a theme park that houses an impressive collection of classic, modern and concept Toyota cars.

The food

After all that shopping and exploring, you’d have worked up quite an appetite, and VenusFort has you covered with a variety of dining options. From western dishes like steak in a cafe setting to fresh fish in an izakaya-style restaurant, you won’t be leaving hungry.

The convenient location

, 7 reasons VenusFort should be on your Tokyo itinerary

VenusFort is just 15 minutes away from Haneda Airport. If you’re making your way there from Shinjuku or Ginza, the train ride to the mall will take just over 20 minutes.

The attendant crew

If you ever need any assistance or information during your visit to VenusFort, their attendant crew are at your service and will be on hand to provide English, Mandarin and Korean translations.
VenusFort is located at 1-3-15, Aomi, Koutou-ku, Tokyo 135-0064. For more information, head to the VenusFort website.
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, 7 reasons VenusFort should be on your Tokyo itinerary