7 things to check out at this year’s Singapore Night Festival

The annual Singapore Night Festival is possibly everyone’s favorite arts festival, because who doesn’t love a good visual spectacle that involves lights and project mapping? This year, they’re moving away from the glitzy, glamorous spin on art from last year and going with a more inventive and innovative theme. There’s a lot to see and do over the two weekends (Aug 19-20 and Aug 26-27), but if you’re running on borrowed time and refuse to suffer from “FOMO”, here are seven things you might want to check out.

1. Keyframes by Group Laps

, 7 things to check out at this year’s Singapore Night Festival

Part animation and part moving sculpture, Keyframes uses the National Museum of Singapore’s façade to tell micro-stories through stick figures that are shaped using LEDs. The entire performance brings energy and excitement to the otherwise static building. In a nutshell: Flashing LED stick figures will appear to run up, down and across the museum’s façade.  

When: Aug 19, 20, 26, 27, 7:30pm-2am/Aug 21-25, 7:30pm-11pm
Where: Zone 1 – National Museum of Singapore Façade
How much: Free

2. The Wheel House by Acrojou

, 7 things to check out at this year’s Singapore Night Festival

Touted as a “tender, post-apocalyptic love story”, this work of performance art tells the story of a charming couple living in a dystopian future where quick reflexes, sharp eyes and friendships are the most essential things needed to survive. Walk along with them as they live out their days in their circular home, rolling back and forth on the road to nowhere.

When: Aug 19-20, 8pm, 9:25pm, 10:50pm
Where: Zone 1 – Mainground, National Museum of Singapore
How much: Free

3. Les AquamenS by Machtiern Company

, 7 things to check out at this year’s Singapore Night Festival

Les AquamenS sees two men in suits wandering about the festival area with their heads stuck inside bowls of swimming goldfish. They draw in the audience to become participants, asking them questions, which seems like an impossible feat. The purpose? To find out how people can connect with each other when their barriers are up. Very deep and poetic stuff, just don’t freak out when you see them around.

When: Aug 19-20, 8pm, 9:30pm, 11pm
Where: Roving performance at National Museum of Singapore, School of the Arts, Singapore Art Museum, Festival Village at SMU, Armenian Street
How much: Free

4. The Story Box by A Dandypunk

, 7 things to check out at this year’s Singapore Night Festival

A steampunk dandy accidentally enters an animated universe of over-the-top, surprising adventures after opening what seems to be Pandora’s box. Through the use of projection mapping, he interacts with the various creatures, characters and light forms that escape it. Almost like Beyonce’s brilliant performance of “Run The World (Girls)” at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards.

When: Aug 19-20, 8:30pm, 10pm, 10:15pm
Where: Zone 1 – Gallery 10, National Museum of Singapore
How much: Free

5. The Ink Mapping by Oskar & Gaspar

, 7 things to check out at this year’s Singapore Night Festival

Have you ever wished for an animated tattoo, like a GIF image of sorts on your body? This performance art piece by Oskar & Gaspar also employs project mapping techniques, but using their own bodies as humans canvases. They create splendid live projections of tattoos and turn them into ethereal, moving works of body art.

When: Aug 26-27, every half hour from 8pm-11pm
Where: Zone 1 – Gallery 10 National Museum of Singapore
How much: Free

6. House of Curiosities by Cake Theatrical Productions

, 7 things to check out at this year’s Singapore Night Festival

The entire Cathay Green compound is turned into a creative and performance space that will embody all things steampunk. Think towering characters like a professor who invents a mechanical heart and a villainous mechanical octopus named Lady Kraken. Through performances, activities and more, join the professor and his son as they travel back in time on a machine that brings them on a quest to find crystal caves in the hidden depths.

When: Aug 19, 20, 26, 27, 6pm, 8:30pm, 11pm.
Where: Zone 3 – Cathay Green (field opposite The Cathay)
How much: $16, available via Sistic.

7. Festival Village

, 7 things to check out at this year’s Singapore Night Festival

When you’re done with squeezing through the crowds trying to catch a glimpse of artworks and performances you want to see, head over to the Festival Village to unwind. Both weekends will see performances by Noise alumni musicians like Stopgap, Linying, HubbaBubbas and more, as well as three up-and-coming Australian acts. Hungry? There will be about 30 food and beverage stalls to choose from, such as Loco Loco, Uncle G’s Handmade, Steamhaus and more. Check out the crafts fair at the flea market, where pre-loved and handcrafted items like jewelry, old comic books, ceramic art pieces and other knick knacks are out on display.

When: Both weekends, 6pm-1am
Where: SMU Campus Green & University Square
How much: Depends on how much you want to eat and shop

For a full lineup and more information on the Singapore Night Festival, click here. Also, check out a quick video of the festival’s highlights in the reel below: