7 tips to improve your next Singapore concert experience

[Sponsored] From legendary bands to up-and-coming performers, Singapore has one of the world’s most vibrant concert scenes – we’re an important stop on any proper world tour these days. Here’s how you can get the most out of the next gig you attend.

1. Check out recent set lists

Some might like to keep the line-up of songs a surprise, but having an idea of the set list for the night will help you avoid missing your favorite tracks. They’re also useful for putting together pre-concert playlists. Setlist.fm is the place to go. 

2. Look out for exclusive deals for ticketholders

, 7 tips to improve your next Singapore concert experience

At The Star Performing Arts Centre, tickets often come with F&B perks. Head to The Star Vista where showing your ticket stub gets you deals like a 10% discount on your bill at Brotzeit.

3. Plan your trip home beforehand

After a great show comes the mad rush to exit the arena. Beat the crowd by pre-booking your cab home, make carpool arrangements with friends who are also attending the concert or, if you’re taking the MRT, make sure you take note of the last train’s departure time.

4. Dress comfortably

You don’t want to spend all night dancing in heels and you don’t want to freeze if the air-conditioning gets a bit chilly. By all means dress to impress, but remember to put comfort first.

5. Arrive early

, 7 tips to improve your next Singapore concert experience

Nobody likes the distraction caused by latecomers. Besides, there are plenty of reasons to get to the concert venue before everyone else: Enjoy food and drinks from the venue’s F&B counters that you may also bring inside the theatre, do your merchandise shopping before items sell out, get to the front of the entry line and discover new music at concerts with opening acts.

6. Don’t take too many photos and videos

You’ve waited so long to see your favorite artist and you’ve spent your hard-earned cash on tickets, so don’t end up watching the whole show through your phone. Take a few quick shots at the start (if you’re allowed to) and keep that phone deep in your bag or pocket.

7. Stay until the lights come on

It’s a no-brainer for any seasoned concertgoer, but there are still many people who leave the venue thinking that the show is over when a band exits the stage after a brief “goodnight”. There’s almost always an encore, and there might even be a second encore. Bonus: If you’re still there when the lights come on, you could get your hands on a souvenir from the stage courtesy of a friendly roadie.


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Kenny Rogers’ Final World Tour: The Gambler’s Last Deal (Aug 6)

A fond farewell from one country music’s biggest stars, best known for hits like “The Gambler”, “Coward of the County” and “Islands in the Stream”.  

Dick Lee Singapop! 60th Birthday Concert (Aug 19)

Celebrate the work of the iconic Singaporean singer-songwriter-composer as he hits the big 6-0.

Best of Kevin Kern – 20th Anniversary Concert (Sep 10)

Expect a night of enchanting music from famed new-age pianist Kevin Kern.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Live in Singapore (Sep 20)

Catch the Grammy Award-winning hip hop duo in action as they make their Singapore debut.

a1 Here We Come…Back! Greatest Hits Tour Singapore (Oct 22)

Revisit the early 2000s as the boyband performs “Take on Me”, “Same Old Brand New You” and “No More”.

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