8 barista tips on brewing the perfect cup of coffee at home*

[Sponsored] There’s more to brewing coffee than meets the eye. We chat with Eduardo Vastolo, the Asia Pacific barista trainer for illycaffè and professor of Universita Del Caffe in Trieste, to find out how to brew the perfect cup of coffee every time.

1. Don’t be afraid of espresso. Contrary to popular belief, espresso actually has low amounts of caffeine, which means you can have more than one cup a day. Espresso’s concentrated flavors and aromas are amazing, no matter the type of roast used. 100% Arabica blends, like illy’s green Arabica coffee beans, are a good place to start.

2. Use the right amount of coffee. Good ground coffee can be savored black, without needing to add milk and sugar. For a single shot of espresso, you should use about seven grams of grounds.

3. Don’t get too hot. Aside from the pressure of the machine, which may not be adjustable, hot water between 91-96 degrees Celsius is integral in extracting the highest and widest concentration of aromas in a 25ml espresso shot.

4. Get to know your machine. For first-time brewers, a typical Italian Moka stovetop machine works well. It’s affordable, simple to use and creates a traditional cup of coffee Italians drink at home. Espresso aficionados may want to try the Iperespresso system by illy for its ability to yield concentrated flavors.

5. Know the ideal extraction time. Depending on the coffee you use, you need to know the right extraction time. If the extraction time is too long, you might burn the coffee. One cup of espresso should only take about 20-27 seconds using a coffee machine.

6. Keep it clean. Not maintaining your machine properly is one of the biggest mistakes people make when brewing coffee at home. Be sure to clean it regularly.

7. Be passionate. It’s easy to make a great cup of coffee if you’re a coffee lover. Always care about the details and the process—and buy the best coffee beans within your budget, too.

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