8 new brews to try at Beerfest Asia 2016

Beerfest Asia returns for its eighth edition from Jun 16 to 19, bringing you more than 500 beers and ciders from around the world. With so many brews and so little time, we decided to dive into their line-up in search of interesting new arrivals. Here are the eight you shouldn’t miss.

Archipelago Brewery Singapore Blonde

Archipelago’s beers need no introduction, and their recently-introduced small batch brews are getting us excited. If you missed the opportunity to try the Singapore Blonde at Craft Singapore, you’ll have another chance at Beerfest Asia.

Tiger Black


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We wouldn’t normally put a mainstream brew on a list like this, but we have to admit that we’re pretty intrigued by new developments with Singapore’s national beer. Beerfest Asia will see the Singapore debuts of Tiger White – a wheat beer you might have encountered in Malaysia – and the still mysterious Tiger Black which we hear is brewed with black rice.

Cockies Ocean Road Pale Ale

If you’ve visited Melbourne then there’s a good chance that you have fond memories of the Great Ocean Road. Cockies hails from Geelong, the road’s gateway, and their Ocean Road Pale Ale is a hoppy and herbaceous drop that will have you planning your next trip.

Brothers Coconut and Lime Cider

Just when you thought that you had cider all figured out, our favorite purveyors of flavored cider have introduced a refreshing coconut and lime variant. It’s perfect for an afternoon drinking session in Singapore.

Gosnells London Mead


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Even if you consider yourself to be an expert on all things brewed, there’s a good chance you know nothing about mead. Broaden your horizons with Gosnells London Mead, a light, bubbly, semi-sweet incarnation of the ancient beverage made from honey.

Stone Head The Dark Side Imperial Stout

Thailand’s Stone Head is one of the most exciting breweries on the Asian craft beer scene today. It would be easy to recommend every beer on their list, from the pale ale brewed with cashew fruits to the Kolsch brewed with organic Thai lemongrass, but The Dark Side Imperial Stout is what we’re waiting for. The 12.3% alcohol by volume beast offers flavors of roasted coffee and coconut.

Spencer American Trappist Ale

Trappist beer is literally a sacred product – for a beer to carry Authentic Trappist Product certification, it has to be brewed by Trappist monks in their monastery. Previously, only six breweries in Belgium and one in the Netherlands were given the certification, but since 2012, a select few from other countries have joined the fold. Spencer, brewed by the monks at St. Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, Massachusetts, was awarded the certification in 2013.

BrewDog Sink the Bismarck! 

This quadruple IPA from Scottish brewery BrewDog is the stuff of legend. Weighing in at a mind-boggling 41% abv, it was once the strongest beer in the world (yes, there are beers out there with even more alcohol in them). Beerfest Asia regulars will remember its “weaker” 32% abv sibling Tactical Nuclear Penguin from previous editions, but 2016 will be your first opportunity to try this remarkable beer there.