Amateur photographers, take your game to the next level with these workshops in Singapore

Thanks to Instagram and your latest smartphone camera, you may fancy yourself a bit of a photography pro. But guess what? There’s a lot more to learn. The next few weeks in Singapore have a lot of high-end, serious photography workshops in store (though, note, many are not cheap). Here are the ones any buddying photographer should have their eye on.

Take On The Infinite: A Canon EOS Seminar (Sep 24)

This one’s really for the pros, or the ones who are ready to bump up from using a crop censor camera to a full-framed one. The new Canon EOS 5D Mark IV has just been launched, and you’ll get the chance to try it out first-hand. But apart from tinkering with the latest offering from Canon, there will also be two veteran photographers—American imaging professional Michael Ori who’s shot for fashion stories and national commercial campaigns, as well as self-taught Singaporean motorsports photographer Timothy Tan—who will be speaking about how you can further improve your photography, and how this new camera can help you. Free admission, but register ahead of the event.

Photobook workshop with Mariela Sancari (Oct 8-9)

If you already have a collection of photographs in your arsenal and would like to take it to the next level, this is the workshop for you. Conducted by Argentian photographer Mariela Sancari, you’ll learn every stage of creating a photobook, from the conceptualizing and planning a sequence for your images to selecting a format and size, and the printing and binding processes. You’ll also get a low-down on how to finance and promote your new photobook. $50 per participant, $45 for Festival Pass holders.

Magnum at Leica (Oct 10-14)

Part of the Singapore International Photography Festival, this five-day workshop is designed to teach participants to refine their visuals to create a narrative with just their photos. Conducted by Magnum‘s very own practitioners Matt Black, Chien-Chi Chang and Alessandra Sanguinetti, the workshop will also entail guiding participants on the various presentation mediums. At the end of the workshop, participants will exhibit their work at DECK. $1,800 per person.

Singapore “Conquer Your Fears in Street Photography” Workshop 2016 (Nov 5-6)

Street-style photographs, on most occasions, are usually very visually appealing because of how candid and real they seem, but the processes behind getting that perfect street shot can be very daunting for even some of the most seasoned photographers. However, notable American street photographer Eric Kim is holding a two-day weekend workshop where you’ll not only learn the basics of street photography, but to get over the fear of approaching a stranger on the street, and more. US$495 per person.