Remember to bring a mat to the Science Centre.

Here's a quick fun fact: Singapore is actually the most light-polluted countries in the world, which makes shooting the sky at night close to impossible. Looks like we'll never have the chance to be in awe of the milky way. However, despite the crazy amount of light pollution we create year in and year out, we're still privvy to some of the most beautiful and interesting celestial occurances, like the solar eclipse that got everyone looking up in the sky between 7:20am and 8:23am in March last year, as well as the night we could see five different planets visibly as they "align" for the first time after about a decade. Now, Science Centre Singapore claims that Apr 7 will be the best time to see Jupiter in its brightest and fullest as it aligns with the Earth and Sun. Oh, and they're making a big event out of it, too.

Picnic Under The Planets is exactly what it sounds like: lay out your mat on the ground and feel free to bring your own favorite snack or get some grub from the vendors on site as you catch the screening of two movies, one of which is The Lego Movie while the other is still undetermined. Or just lie down and gaze into the skies as you get lost in the night sky (and of course, Jupiter).

If for some reason you can't make it, fret not. Other planets like Saturn and Uranus will be visible on Jun 15 and Oct 19 respectively. There's also going to be a partial lunar eclipse on the eve of National Day (Aug 8) between 1:22-3:18am. So mark those calendars. Find out more here.