A carpark in Bedok gets a hip arts carnival this weekend

People in Singapore really know how to make ordinary spaces more interactive, especially with the return of the Car-Free Sundays initiative and the Park(ing) Day event that happened two months ago. Now, there’s going to be a street art carnival this weekend (Nov 19) in one of Singapore’s oldest heartlands.

Arts in Construction is a joint collaboration between the National Arts Council and Lopelab that will see an ordinary carpark in Bedok transform into an exciting venue filled with fun activities you can immerse yourself in such as Lopelab’s interactive exhibition Amazeswing, a labyrinth of sorts made out of recycled materials like swings made of used tyres; an installation that showcases gigantic cubic bean bags; live performances from the likes of LGF Band, MOTUS and Tim De Cotta and The Rock Warriors; and many other all-day programs. You can also sign yourself up for various workshops, including one where you’ll learn how to create your own silkscreen tote bags with motifs inspired by the idyllic charms of Bedok or make your own 3D sculpture.

For more info, click here.