Catch an outdoor movie screening by local filmmakers tonight

If you’re looking for last minute Saturday plans, you may want to check out the premiere of Singapore Stories, a five-part documentary series by up-and-coming Singaporean filmmakers, happening tonight on the rooftop of Lepark.

The subjects explored are pretty wholesomely Singaporean, like a constant everyday battle with birds (and bird poop) on Orchard Road and the nostalgic reminiscing over Dakota Crescent, one of Singapore’s oldest public housing estates soon to be redeveloped. The filmmakers themselves are an interesting bunch: there’s a former lawyer, an ex-ballet teacher and even a reality show finalist, all aged between 25 to 39.

The screenings themselves start with sunset at 7pm, but prior to that, starting at 4pm, there is a block party-style event with a performance by local musicans Cherie & Ferry and if you’re game, there are interactive (and slightly twee) activities like Five Stones and Pick-up Sticks.

For more information, click here.