Catch Pompeii exhibition for free on closing weekends

Don’t miss this chance to catch the blockbuster exhibition, Pompeii: Life in a Roman Town 79CE at the National Museum of Singapore on its closing weekend for free! Come experience the everyday life of the people of Pompeii, before Mount Vesuvius’s fateful eruption almost two millennia ago. Highlights include gruesomely recognisable body casts of eight victims who were ‘frozen’ in their last moments when Mount Vesuvius erupted, stunning frescoes from the House of the Golden Bracelet, a full gladiators’ outfit, a well preserved mosaic fountain and more.
Details below:
Date : Jan 14-16 , 21-23
Time : 10am-9pm (Jan 14, 21-22); 10am-6pm (Jan 15-16, 23)