Check out this collection of poems by a Singapore migrant worker

Happening this Sunday from 2:30pm at The Arts House, Me Migrant is a poetry book launch featuring the work of Md Mukul Hossine, whose previous two titles, the novel Buker Simanaye Sukh (Happiness at Heart’s Edge) and poetry collection Apurna Vasana (Unfulfilled Desire) have been published in Bangladesh. 

Originally written in Bengali, the poems are transcreated by local poet Cyril Wong, based on English translations by Fariha Imran and Farouk Ahammed. The collection touches on themes such as hope, inclusiveness, longing and dreaming, and of service and heart, and also comprises pieces by a Healthserve volunteer medical doctor and a group of National University of Singapore medical students, who were inspired by Mukul and their connection with foreign construction workers. 

The book be purchased here. For more information, check out the event’s Facebook page