It’s happened: Chinatown’s indie rooftop getai are becoming a series

First there was Getai Electronica, the wildly well-attended rooftop music festival at People’s Park Complex. Then there was a second, Getai Ethnica. Now it seems that sponsors Lepark  are turning their wildly popular mini-music events into regular-ish festivals.

In partnership with local instrumental band TAJ, restaurant and tapas bar Lepark is launching Getai Holidays, a four-part music series taking place every weekend for the next four weeks and featuring 16 local music acts. This comes hot off the heels of the popular Lepark Sessions Vol 1. On the line-up are people like Jawn, Charles Jedidiah, Joie Tan, Shak’thiya, Blankverse, Tim De Cotta, Ferry x Cherie Ko, Ariane Deborah, Kimchi, Theodora, Zee, Dru Chen, Lewis Loh, Helmizar, Bani Hidir and Sara Wee.

While we’re slightly worried it might be too much of a good thing, we are mostly pretty excited that there will be a regular platform for local talent, something which is sorely lacking in town.

Getai Holidays happens at Lepark, every Friday and Saturday this month from 7:15-10:45pm. For updates, visit their Facebook page.