Concert Review: SS3—Super Junior The Third Asia Tour

We can’t say we deserved our seats (front row, baby) very much considering we didn’t have so much as a blue lightstick (goodie bags were only given out after the event) to show for them but we’re thankful nonetheless. Not only was the stage setup the biggest ever at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, it was also one of the most creative we’d ever seen. Drawbridges and cubby holes had been built at every point of the snaking stage while pyrotechnics and green laser beams made the space look even bigger than it actually was.
Those seats also gave us a view every fangirl (or hot-blooded female, to be honest) would kill for. We might have mistaken some of the boys (namely leader Leeteuk and the genteel Heechul) for girls but they sure know how to ham it up. Member Choi Siwon (also known regionally as a Hallyu star) stripped his top to bare his perfect (and as we understand it, insured) physique before disappearing into the ground only to pop out of it again in true MJ fashion. Couple that with a couple of thrusts in the general direction of the camera and it was clear he was aiming to please. Possibly the most entertaining act of the night was Heechul’s impersonation of Lady Gaga. Dressed in a skin-tight leather dress, red heels and a gigantic blonde headpiece, his rendition of “Pokerface” sent the whole stadium into fits. Just when we thought the noise was about to die down, funny trio Shindong, Donghae and Eunhyuk appeared in dark, skimpy dresses to perform “Single Ladies”. If watching three grown men trying their darndest not to let their dresses ride up you-know-where isn’t funny, we don’t know what is.
Despite looking visibly tired from the previous night’s shenanigans (we caught their second show), the boys clearly did not disappoint. They performed over 20 songs, including mega hit “Sorry Sorry” (remixed), “Bonamana” and “Shake It Up”, as well as tracks from their sub-unit albums, solo albums and drama soundtracks.
There’s a reason why they call it the Korean wave. The epic stage design, great vocals (during the bits when they were not breathlessly lip syncing) and eyecatching choreography stirred a reaction so strong you didn’t need to be a fan to enjoy the show. If you’re sorry (sorry) you missed it, Super Junior will be performing in Malaysia on Mar 19. Log on to for more information.