ArtScience Museum’s The Deep exhibition is worth the trip down

Trust us, this isn’t your average weekend trip to an aquarium. The new show at the ArtScience Museum, The Deep, is a multi-sensorial experience focusing on creatures that normally live over 4,000 meters below the sea. There are over 40 rarely-seen and perfectly preserved marine species showcased in environments mimicking their natural habitats. This exhibition is a first in the region, and while we can probably expect to take a lot of Instagram-worthy shots, we’re also expecting to be genuinely awed. Just look at the pictures in the slideshow.

Also worth checking out is Hidden/Depths, an interactive installation by Australian artist Lynette Wallworth. There are seven deep-sea specimens and three films of bioluminescent creatures hidden in 18 luminescent glass sculptures which you can use UV torches to examine.

Tickets are available here.  For more information, head to their website.