Do your bit for charity and drink local variations of Negroni for a whole week

Negroni Week, launched in the US four years ago, has now become one of the most anticipated events in Singapore’s cocktail calendar. Taking place from Jun 5-11, this year’s edition will see about 50 bars and restaurants taking part, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity.

Taking a local spin on classic cocktails is always a tricky endeavor, especially if bars and restaurants are trying to keep a synergy with their brand, offerings and flavors. Most of the time, you’ll either rave about it to friends or avoid it like the plague the next time you’re back at said bar. You snooze, you lose, we say. While this edition will see the biggest line-up yet, we only know a couple of bars and restaurants who’ll be squeezing their creative juices to concoct ingenious Negroni-inspired cocktails at the moment: Manhattan, Fat Prince, Neon Pigeon, Shin Gi Tai, Tess Bar & Kitchen, Astor Bar at The St. Regis, Sugarhall and Bitters & Love.

Charities that will benefit from Negroni Week include Food from the Heart, Save the Children, Noah’s Ark Cares, the ST School Pocket Money Fund, Children’s Cancer Foundation, Save Our Street Dogs, Run for Hope, Alzheimer’s Disease Association and many more.