Instagrammers of Singapore, take part in this world-wide photography project

For most people Mar 19 will be an average Saturday, but for street photographers, it’s a call to action. The fifth edition of the 24 Hour Project takes place then, an event set to send more than 2,000 photographers out on the streets in 137 countries. With participants posting one photo per hour for 24 hours on Instagram, the project aims to document a day of everyday life around the world.
The 24 Hour Project also serves to raise awareness for important causes. This year, the project will be supporting She Has Hope, an NGO which helps to rescue and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking.
As of Mar 3, there are 32 Singapore-based Instagrammers registered. The list includes prominent photographers Aik Beng Chia and Rushdi Jamari who also serve as ambassadors for the project.
Head to the 24 Hour Project website to get involved. Registration is free.